Who are we?

Join Chain Reaction Cycling Club and become part of one of the most fun groups in the area! Membership is open to anyone with an interest in bicycling. Keep up-to-date on local informal rides by checking our FACEBOOK page , and checking this web site. We also keep you informed of the latest news of bicycling advocacy efforts. You'll find that the membership of CRCC is a group of folks you'll be glad to know.



2014 CRCC Officers :
President----Ryan Merrill & Margot Merrill
Treasurer----Linda Adams
Misaligned Minds--Martha Emmons and Hutch Smith

Website------David Alvey


Mission Statement

The purposes for which the corporation is organized are:

1. To promote bicycling for health, recreation, and transportation.
2. To provide education and information for our membership and our community for the reason of encouraging safe and responsible bicycling.
3. To advocate for the development and improvement of bicycling facilities.
4. To further the foregoing purposes by maintaining diversified programs--on-road and off-road -- in casual riding, commuting, touring and racing.
5. To extend our influence by supporting other loc
al, regional, state, and national organizations of like purposes.

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Wear Your Support on Your License Plate
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